Mind Gliding has a comprehensive range of training material to design a package tailor made for your developmental needs.

Mind Gliding Ltd – Biography

Mind Gliding is an organisation that focuses its activities on professional service provision for individual and organisational development.

Mind Gliding® programmes unlock the quality and skills from people’s inner resources, intensifying their growth and development, making it beneficial for all those involved

Mind Gliding is a limited company, registered in England & Wales under no. 05008800.

Mind Gliding ® is a Trademark registered in Britain and Northern Ireland No. 2369302

Dr Eddy Kloprogge – Managing Director
Dr Eddy KloproggeEddy Kloprogge is an international accredited research scientist, who has lectured at international symposia (Brussels, Utrecht, London, Stockholm, Minneapolis, and San Diego) and universities (Groningen, Utrecht, Oxford, Paris, Munster). Initially trained under Professor Jan Sixma and Professor Jan Willem Akkerman in Biochemistry and Medicine in Utrecht, he moved to the Island of Jersey in the eighties to become an entrepreneur and business manager. After a short period working in the voluntary sector in Kent, Eddy became Managing Director of Mind Gliding. As a researcher and business developer, he contributes to the ever evolving management and growth of Mind Gliding. He acts as a project manager, initiates structures and strategies. As a quality controller, he contributes to the monitoring and evaluation of the specially designed programmes, which can be tailor made for the individual or for the corporate world.
Peter Gleeson – Programme Director
Peter GleesonPeter Gleeson is an international accredited facilitator in personal and organisational development, ranging from conflict resolution in South and East Africa to lecturing at the ” Regina Mundi ” university in Rome. He is trained as a psychotherapist in Bristol and London and developed his skills as a gestalt psychologist under Professor Petruska Clarkson in London. He is an expert in cognitive behavioural group work for which he introduced programmes for the criminal & justice system and the psychiatric health care. Mind Gliding has given Peter the opportunity to contribute to the success of business organisations: The programmes he develops focus on people’s inter-action in their relationships with each other and in the systems (organisations) in which they operate.