stress at work

Recently, more people than ever in places such as the USA and UK are struggling with stress at work. People who work in offices are now dealing with more work than ever. Tasks start to pile up, you are interrupted constantly when trying to complete tasks and the phone will not stop ringing. Sometimes, this can all just get too much. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the office life, then try these simple yet effective ways of dealing with it.

·        Beginning the Day Right

Sometimes the mornings can start off as hectic as the rest of the day. Alarms don’t go off, there are screaming kids that you need to take care of first. You will end up drinking your weight in coffee after promising to have something healthier. Start to plan out your mornings. Choose to eat nutritional foods, have a positive attitude and then the rest of your day will see an improvement.

stress at work

·        Know what is Required of You

One of the biggest causes of stress in unclear requirements at work. If you don’t know what is expected of you then uncertainty and stress will start to set in. Organise a meeting with your manager if you ever feel uncertain. Get them to go over exactly what you should be doing. This will help to clear the mind and define your position at the company.

·        Stress at Work: Avoid Conflict

Conflict can take its toll on both your mental and physical health. It can be difficult to avoid conflict as you are working so closely among different personalities. But the best way to avoid stress at work is to stay away from confrontation. You will have to steer clear of things such as office gossip, religion, politics and more. These are all topics that can get highly opinionated.

stress at work

·        Be Organised

Being organised is a great way to relieve stress. Plan out your days in the morning. Have a checklist of all the tasks that you are going to tackle that day. This will give you a much clear focus, and will allow you to avoid things that aren’t on your agenda. You can even go as far as planning what you will be doing after work as well.

·        Make Sure You Are Comfortable

stress at work

If you are in physical discomfort at work then it is going to stress you out. If your office chair doesn’t have the right support then you will feel your back in pain. Ensuring that you are comfortable around the office may seem like a small thing, but it goes a long way in alleviating stress.

·        Take a Walk at Lunch

Are you someone who tends to just stay in the office during lunch hour? Try going for a walk or doing some other form of exercise. Exercise and fresh air are a great stress reliever. You will return to the office feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon.