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If you are based in Glasgow and have been thinking about improving your rankings on search engines then you may need to look for a Glasgow SEO agency. When looking for the right agency, you need to be clear on what you want from the transaction. Ask them questions and make sure they are a reputable company.

Here are some of our top tips for finding the best Glasgow SEO agency.

Don’t Always Go For The Number One Option On Google

This may not always be the case. However, some of the time the best SEO agency in Glasgow may not be the one that is at the top of SEO rankings. This is because they are so busy dealing with their loyal clients, they are leaving the optimisation of their own website slightly behind.

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Ask Their Methods Before Signing Anything

Another recommendation for finding the ideal Glasgow SEO agency is to ask their methods. If an SEO agency says they have a “secret method” for increasing rankings then they are more than likely lying. This is because SEO is a very open industry and everything you do can be easily explained. Make sure to ask them for a detailed list of their techniques in improving your SEO.

Consult Their Other Clients

Word of mouth is one of the strongest weapons for Glasgow SEO companies. Many companies have a “case studies” section on their website. Find this, and get in contact with the previous clients. Find out what the agency was like to work with and if you can have any expectations with regards to improved rankings or website traffic.

Check Their Certifications

Many digital marketers do not go to university specifically for this purpose. SEO and the related skills are more often than not learned on the job, making SEO consultants extremely knowledgeable about their field of work. However, there are some certifications you can look for. Google, Bing and Yahoo all provide exams and certifications for SEO consultants to show their skills in the field of SEO and PPC. Companies which contain certified individuals receive Google Partner status. Check for the logo on websites you visit.

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Make Sure They Are Prepare To Show Your Progress

The most important thing to ask of a Glasgow SEO agency is that they will show your progress. Regular updates and proof of their work having an effect on your ranking is essential to a quality SEO company. It should be noted that your rankings and traffic will not always entirely be dependent on the work of your SEO agency. Some things, like the season, will affect your ranking. Be confident that your traffic will improve over time. However, if the agency is not willing to show the work they have done or the effect it has had, they should not be hired.

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